Our Services

We specialize in providing customers with up to date network infrastructure, consultation on all I.T. related matters, and procurement and installation of all required materials.  It is our vision to be recognized as the premier provider in delivering business-focused, progressive, and tailored I.T. services.



Network infrastructure is the foundation upon which information technology and telecom networks reside. It is the “backbone” of the network.

Traxs Media assist businesses to make the best decisions for their network infrastructure by looking beyond simple availability and upfront costs. Traxs Media take into consideration speed, redundancy, security, efficiency, and other critical aspects. When building or upgrading a network, we choose proven products and architecture which address business flexibility, cost reductions and high productivity.



Our Management Team has over 75 years combined experience in developing and implementing programs, and working directly with our customers to meet their individual needs.

Our philosophy and approach to each project is unique and singular. We believe each project comes with its own individual objectives, goals and budget. Each design we create stems from the project itself.

Following the basic principles to fact finding, need identification, process review, market research, we will deliver you process that is optimal, efficient, and cost effective. Taking into consideration the needs of your business, best practices in the competitive market, innovative technologies, TraxsMedia people will implement solutions to give you the competitive edge.

Focus on winning your market, we will focus on making you competitive and easy for your customers to do business with.



Our team is comprised of qualified and dedicated individuals devoted to performance and results. A product quotation includes detailed information regarding product description, availability and estimated delivery time of the product. The team is committed to process orders in a timely manner and to obtain the products from manufacturers and distribution centers quickly and efficiently.

We will size up and configure equipment that will meet your needs in the specific line of business. And our purchasing power will give you the advantage of preferred pricing with major manufacturers.

Equipment will be delivered and installed according to your business specifics, whether you have a security policy for web access, or special software packages, your equipment will arrive ready for use.